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Boutton and Shinichi Yamasaki Handbook of Photosynthesis, edited by Mohammad Pessarakli Chemical and Isotopic Groundwater Hydrology: The Applied Approach, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, Emanuel Mazor Fauna in Soil Ecosystems: Recycling Processes, Nutrient Fluxes, and Agricultural Production, edited by Gero Benckiser Soil and Plant Analysis in Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, edited by Teresa Hood and J. Benton Jones, Jr. Page ad Additional Volumes in Preparation Seed Handbook: Biology, Production, Process, and Storage: B.

Might create a number of impacts on soil biology, crop production, groundwater, and atmosphere. , 1987; Aldag, 1991). , 1990; Lockyer and Whitehead, 1990; Bernal and Kirchmann, 1992; Gartley and Sims, 1993). Ammonia volatilization increased with increasing temperatures and accordingly with the time of application and decreased with decreasing pH and increasing rainfall (Lockyer and Whitehead, 1990; Whitehead and Raistrick, 1991; Schilke-Gartly and Sims, 1993). , 1991) (see also Chapter 9). Generally, one large animal unit produces 85100 kg N a-1.

In the model, protozoa (Chapter 3) are assumed to be among the most prominent contributors to nutrient cycling. The model simulations consider the effects of group removals and single-interaction manipulations on overall mineralization rates. In the near future the recycling of wastes will play an increasingly important role in land management. The disposal of organic wastes in landfills or the open sea is more and more restricted by lack of space, laws, and regulations. Accordingly, increasing amounts of wastes have to be recycled (mineralized) either by burning or biologically after soil incorporation (regulated in Germany from 1996 on by the law, Gesetz zur Vermeidung und Beseitung von Abfällen).

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