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By T. J. Meadowcroft

Daniel 2-7 are noteworthy chapters within the Bible, partially simply because they're in Aramaic instead of Hebrew and partially as the early Greek translation of these chapters, identified to us because the Septuagint, is kind of diverse from the Aramaic textual content that we've got. This e-book highlights and analyzes the diversities via exploring the effectiveness of every model as a section of narrative. a brand new appreciation of the craft of the Aramaic narrative is one end result. one other is an more suitable knowing of ways biblical narrative handles symbolism. via this learn the reader additionally profits perception into differing circles of knowledge in Persian instances, each one giving upward thrust to a textual culture nonetheless available to us.

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33, rapnn Tro^^a), and the suggestion by the voice from heaven that God gives kingdoms 'to whomever he pleases' (v. 65 The LXX, however, speaks of the kingdom 'given to another, a man of no account in your house' (v. evQ) avOpcoTto) ev tea OIKCO aou) and expands on what exactly that would entail. Clearly the narrator of the LXX has something in mind also when he specifies the evidence of King Nebuchadnezzar's arrogance, that he 'desolated the house of the living God because of the sins of the consecrated people' (v.

The Nature of the King's Exile Aside from literary considerations, the differing use of the third-person narrator may partly be explained as a consequence of the different views of the versions on what happened in the seven 'times' (pti), MT; Kaipoi, 6) or 'years' (err), LXX). The MT sees this as a period of some sort of mental derangement on the part of the king. His heart was altered 'from that of men' (v. 13, per wzfr»r|n), and at the end of the time Nebuchadnezzar's 'understanding returned' (v.

K. Stanzel, A Theory of Narrative (trans. C. Goedsche; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984), p. 9, identifies two overlapping functions of point of view or viewpoint. One denotes the attitude of a narrator or character towards a question. The other concerns the standpoint from which a story is narrated. Lanser, The Narrative Act, p. 18, expresses the concept similarly when she says point of view combines ideology and technique. M. Lotman (trans. M. O'Toole), 'Point of View in a Text', NLH 6 (1975), pp.

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