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By Rudi Te Velde

"Aquinas on God" offers an obtainable exploration of Thomas Aquinas' belief of God. concentrating on the "Summa Theologiae", the paintings containing Aquinas' such a lot systematic and entire exposition of the Christian doctrine of God, Rudi te Velde acquaints the reader with Aquinas' theological figuring out of God and the metaphysical rules and propositions which underlie his undertaking. Aquinas' perception of God isn't handled as an remoted metaphysical doctrine, yet from the point of view of Aquinas' vast theological view which underlies the scheme of the Summa. Readers attracted to Aquinas, old theology, metaphysics, and metaphysical discourse on God within the Christian culture will locate this new contribution to the reviews of Aquinas worthwhile.

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55–74. 301. 34 Aquinas on God 29 In I Post. Anal. 1. 30 In the prologue (see note 1) Thomas states that the Summa is intended for ‘beginners’ in theology (incipientes). This has raised much discussion in the literature as to whether Thomas had a not overly optimistic view about the capacity of his students to understand the Summa. In my view, however, this remark should not be interpreted as a reference to any specific audience of (probably highly gifted) students just beginning the study of theology.

36 For a good discussion of the Aristotelian notion of scientia, see Jenkins, Knowledge and Faith in Thomas Aquinas. th. 2: ‘…there are two kinds of sciences. There are some which proceed from principles known by the natural light of intelligence, such as arithmetic and geometry and the like. th. ’ 39 According to Chenu, it is essential for a science in the Aristotelian sense that it proceeds from principles which are per se nota. The appeal to a higher authority which should be obeyed in faith is incompatible with the rational autonomy which is proper to a science.

Th. 3, ad 2. th. th. 5 ad 3. 341–89. See also Bruce D. Marshall (‘Quod Scit Una Vetula. Aquinas on the Nature of Theology’, in R. van Nieuwenhove and J. 35), who rightly emphasizes that the preambles are not an epistemic warrant for believing the articles, but rather logical presuppositions of the articles, statements which must be true since the articles are true. I want to go just one step further: the articles are true of God, hence A Masterpiece of Theology 45 46 47 48 35 their truth prerequires the truth that God exists and that He possesses all ontological features a divine being must have in order to be understood as divine.

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