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By D R & Wallenius, K T Shier

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11] A. C. ), Recommendation for a General Mathematical Sciences Program, Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC, 1981, 102 pages. (A revised version appears as the first six chapters in Reshaping College Mathematics, edited by L. A. Steen, MAA Notes, No. ) [12] J. von Neumann, “The mathematician,” in The Works of the Mind, R. B. ), University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1966, 180–196. [13] E. P. Wigner, “The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences,” Comm.

For a variable to be useful it must be measurable, either directly or indirectly. Choice of variables and methods to measure them fall in the domain of the arena specialists and specialists in data handling. One of my model building experiences involved a study of the efficiency of farms in the State of Kansas [7]. One member of our team had wide experience both with state-operated agricultural agencies and with “trade” associations such as the Farm Bureau and labor unions. Another member was an agricultural economist with considerable expertise in statistics and a strong mathematics background.

We face the problem of how to select from a variety of tradeoffs. This includes the basic question of breadth versus depth. In order to squeeze everything in, one risks watering down the contents. ” Clearly some old topics can be deleted sooner (determinants) and prerequisite chains can often be shortened. But one cannot shortchange that valuable commodity known as “mathematical maturity” in order to just acquire more factual knowledge. Nevertheless, some believe that there are potential solutions.

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