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Harley-Davidson bikers . . . Grand Canyon river rats. . .Mormon archaeologists. . . Spelling bee prodigies…

For greater than fifteen years, best-selling writer and historian Hampton facets has traveled broadly around the continent exploring the the United States that lurks simply in the back of the scrim of our mainstream tradition. Reporting for out of doors, the recent Yorker, and NPR, between different nationwide media, the award-winning journalist has proven a name not just as a wry observer of the modern American scene but in addition as one in every of our extra creative and flexible practitioners of narrative non-fiction.

In those dozen items, gathered the following for the 1st time, aspects provides us a clean, eye-catching, and now and then startling the US brimming with interesting subcultures and peculiar characters who may perhaps reside nowhere else. Following aspects, we crash the redwood retreat of an obvious cabal of fabulously robust military-industrialists, drop in at the Indy 500 of bass fishing, and sign up for an enormous techno-rave on the lip of the Grand Canyon. We meet a various gallery of yankee visionaries— from the impossibly perky founding father of Tupperware to Indian radical Russell capability to skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. We retrace the course of the ancient Bataan dying March with veterans from Sides’ acclaimed WWII epic, Ghost infantrymen. facets additionally examines the state that has emerged from the ashes of September eleven, recounting the harrowing trips of 3 global alternate heart survivors and identifying on the final attainable minute to not "embed" at the Iraqi front-lines with the U.S. Marines. Americana supplies us a gleaming mosaic of our state this present day, in all its wild and poignant charm.

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