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For each i > 1. What is the asymptotic behavior of Tn for various betting systems {ai9 / > 1}? First, note that {—Tn, n > 1} is a submartingale since E[—Tn | Tl9 . . s. s. s. for all n > 1 follows. 1 sup is | —Tn \ < oo. s. Therefore, asymptotically the gambler’s accumulated winnings stop fluctuating and converge to a fixed amount. In one sense, fluctuations are the patient gambler’s best friend. For, if the gambler’s goal is to win an amount C, he would like to stay in the game until Tn > C, at which point he can quit (am = 0 for m > n + 1).

By game we mean a sequence of trials for which money is won or lost on each trial. Let {Y„,n > 1} be a stochastic sequence (that is, a sequence of random variables) and { ^ , n > 1} an increasing sequence of a fields with ^ c ^ for each n > 1. If Yn is ^ measurable for each n > 1 the or fields n > 1} are said to be adapted to the sequence {Yn, n > 1} and {Yn, ^ , n > 1} is said to be an adapted stochastic sequence. 1. 2. will denote the trivial a field ( 0 , Q). s. , n > 1} is called a martingale difference sequence.

6. Preservation of the Martingale and Submartingale Structure We will study the effect of three types of transformations on martingales and submartingales. Martingales will be transformed into martingales or, at least, into submartingales. Submartingales will be transformed into submartingales. Transformation by a convex function is considered first. (i) If 0 is a continuous convex nondecreasing real valued function defined on and { U n 9 n > 1} is a submartingale with E | # (£ / „ ) | < oo for each n > 1, then { 0 ( U n), n > 1} is a submartingale.

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