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By Marie-Luise Schubert Kalsi

Elements of Ethics examines Meinong's price conception from an epistemological viewpoint and provides a serious exposition of Meinong's first makes an attempt at a deontic good judgment; precise attention is given to the legislations of Omission. For that objective his conception of the a priori is tested, that's entwined together with his concept of gadgets. The ebook starts with an epistemological and ontological attention and simplification of Meinong's universe. as a result of the mathematical improvement of his time, specially non-Euclidean geometries, Meinong constructed the proposal of precision gadgets and precision recommendations. they're mentioned besides the so-called `incomplete items' and difficulties linked to them. those discussions are appropriate for realizing numerous technical phrases, really suggestions of values and valuations. those discussions additionally help in assessing the potential for understanding those options a priori, and in figuring out the logical relationships among them and genuine valuations. we discover in Meinong's moral writings a mix of experiential and a priori wisdom. A translation is incorporated of the fragment Ethische Bausteine (Elements of Ethics), including Meinong's personal notes and people of the editors of the textual content. Vocabulary and Index are attached.

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When its content is infinitely large, its extension equals one individual objectum. When its content equals one (a simple concept), its extension is infmitely large (or zero). This follows from the fact that the concrete individual objectum has infmitely many properties 6 . There are abstract concepts of individuals. Meinong's own examples are: the father of this man, the wisest of all men, the most beautiful star7. The immediate object of the concept ~ay be described as a set of one element, the intended object is the element itself.

This gave rise to all sorts of concerns and speculations by Meinong himself and other philosophers, among whom has been the speculation that incomplete objects are not subject to the law of the excluded middle because of their indeterminateness. I shall not discuss the question at this place. I merely state that the objects which are presented by concepts are completely determined as what they are, namely by their definition. " And these objects are what I shall speak about in the following. 1 Compare Chapter One above.

So, ideas, as I see it, must be considered to be theoretical constructs and their study belongs to object theory and the apriori. So does much of psychology. For all presenting experiences are analyzed by Meinong into act and content. The content is that part of the experience which corresponds directly tQ its object, the act is that part which makes the experience what it is: a judgment when a positive affirmation or denial is made, an assumption when an objective is hypothetically entertained.

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