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131. 95. The word sara 'at is translated here as "leprosy," although it probably does not refer to Hanson's disease. On these terms and regulations, see Baruch A. :Leviticus (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society. 1989), pp. 75-99. 96. Gruenwald, "Manichaeism and Judaism," p. 267 n. 31. 97. Ibid. Gruenwald, takes the prohibition to mean that the individual is prohibited from looking at his own twin. Another clue to this prohibition may be found in b. Pes. 110-113, which discusses the practice of avoiding pairs when eating, drinking, and attending to one's bodily needs; doing these in pairs is said to make one vulnerable to demons.

Moderates this statement by explaining that if she had practiced witchcraft on him (kishul), the power of her impurity will make it effective. According to b. Shab. 110b, a woman can repel a snake by telling it she is in menstruation;cf. Rashi, ad loc. On these and other examples of the idea of the destructive power of the menstruant, see Dinari, "Tum'at ha-Niddah," p. 311. 103. 663. 104. See Gruenwald, Apocalyptic, p. 135; Moshe Idel, "Le-Gilgulehah shel Tekhniqah Qedumah shel Hazon Nevu'i Bi-yeme ha-Benayim," Sinai 86 (1979-80): 1-7; Jacob Z.

2 Others have explainedthe apparentinconsistencyin Maimonides'approachin terms 1. I am indebtedto Dr. HannahKasherof Bar-IlanUniversityfor sendingme an advancecopy of her forthcomingbook in Hebrewon Maimonidesandinmitatio Dei. Forthephilosophic backgroundof theconceptof ImitatioDei in Jewishphilosophy,see AlexanderAltmannandS. M. Stem, Isaac Israeli (Oxford:OxfordUniversityPress, 1958), pp. 197-200; andLawrence of the Maxim:The Purposeof Philosophyis theimitation Berman,"ThePoliticalInterpretation of God,"StudiaIslantica 15 (1961): 53-61.

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