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S s ( C 0 ) 3 F e -Fe(C0I3 27 7 + S, + l,Y \ -Fe(C0)3 (C0I3Fe- 278 reaction of allyltrimethylsilane with elemental sulfur in the presence of triiron dodecacarbonyl leads to the addition of sulfur at an olefinic double bond and the formation of 279. No reaction occurs in the absence of CHzSiMe3 I 279 58 LORNA LINFORD AND HELGARD 0. RAUBENHEIMER [ Fe,(CO),,] (185,186). From the reaction between norbornadiene, S8, and [ Fe,(CO),,] three different complexes (280 - 282) of composition 280 28 I 282 Fe2(C0)6(S2C7H8) were isolated (187).

CI(CO),JP~)~WE C R t [H2N Et [s2C N E t z ] ( Et2NC S2 )(CO) W A -\ /\ I R S H-C-S 270 271 Sulfur reacts with the triply bridging alkylidyne ligand in 272 to convert it to the triply bridging thioacyl ligand in 273 (182). The bridging carbyne ligand in 274 ( M = Mo or W, Cp* = Cp or C,Me,) reacts with sulfur to form a thioacyl ligand, which transversely bridges the metal atoms in 275. CP CP I I I1 0 272 273 In one reaction an additional product (276, Cp* = C,H,), with a bridging ligand resulting from the coupling of a CO, the alkylidyne, and S, is also formed (183).

35 bond of 139 gives the thiolate complexes (140) Cp,Zr(H)CI + R2C=S - Cp,Zr(CI)SCHR, 139 I40 Substituted thiobenzophenones react with anionic manganese carbonyl and abstract H+ from the solvent (MeOH/H,O) to form the dinuclear bridging complexes, 141 (R = H, Me, NMe,, F, OMe) ( I 16). On reacting [Mn(CO),]- +(p-RC,H,),C=S 4 [Mn(CO),@-SCH(p-RC,H,),J1, 141 with [ W(CO),I] in the presence of Ag+ ions, 1 ,6,6a-A4-trithiapentalenes coordinate to tungsten as their thioaldehyde or thioketone valence isomers, 142 [ R1 = R4 = H, R2R3 = -(CH 2 )3 -* Rl = R4 = Me, R2 = I33 = H .

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