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"Highly suggested for all educational library chemistry collections; biochemistry and clinical collections can also are looking to consider." (Choice)
"Each access is supplied with a definition, an outline of the influence, software, and literature citations."... the choice during this publication is vast and useful." (J. of Am. Chem. Soc.)
"The ebook is not only a set of definitions of acronyms, each one access features a concise and informative clarification of the origins of the approach or solution to which it refers... this publication is a needs to for development of any budding spectroscopist." (Analyst)

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51: 775 Tycko R, Cho HM, Schneider E, Pines A (1985) 1. Magn. Reson. 61: 90 Tycko R, Pines A, Guckenheimer 1 (1985) 1. Chern. Phys. 83: 2775 Lurie D1 (1985) Magn. Reson. Imaging 3: 235 13. Lurie D1 (1986) 1. Magn. Reson. 70: 11 14. Sanctuary BC, Cole HBR (1987) 1. Magn. Reson. 71: 106 15. Shaka A1, Pines A (1987) 1. Magn. Reson. W. Provencher [1,2]. This is a generalized program capable of solving equations such as Eq. (1). Trnax Yk= S Fk(t k, T)S(T)dT+J3+ek (1) Tmin where Yk is the input data measured at times t k, F k is a known function (the socalled kernel), J3 corresponds to a constant baseline term, and S itself is the solution to be calculated.

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