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By Sir Monier Monier-Williams, Professor E. Leuman, Professor C. Cappeller and other scholars

The 1st challenge humans appear to be having with this well-known dictionary is that the various more moderen reprints of the unique Clarendon Press version (especially the Indian ones) are bodily of very negative caliber: not just are they poorly published on inferior paper, yet in addition they include a shoddy binding that's simply unlikely to face as much as this kind of dealing with a heavy dictionary will get. Books corresponding to this (and there are various being released at the present time) appear to me virtually to were intentionally designed to self-destruct after minimum use.

The basically strategy to this challenge isn't really to shop for a later reprint within the first position. as a substitute, search for a used replica of the sooner UK-produced Clarendon Press version. This was once well-printed on caliber paper, stitched in order that it opens flat with no the backbone cracking, and sure in a sturdy textile. when you are fortunate sufficient to discover this sort of you'll be getting a true booklet that may be a excitement to deal with and may withstand decades of heavy use.

The moment challenge that a few humans run into is that the dictionary itself can, as a result of its association, be tricky to exploit. an outstanding method to this challenge has been supplied by way of Charles Wikner in his 'A useful Sanskrit Introductory' (1996).

This is a wonderful and intensely worthwhile 146-page Sanskrit educational in 15 classes which, along with instructing Sanskrit pronunciation, Devanagari, and a few uncomplicated ideas, has additionally been designed, as Wikner says, "to elevate the English-speaking pupil who understands not anything of Sanskrit to the extent the place he can intelligently [use] Monier-Williams' dictionary."

He explains that classes 12-14 "penetrate Monier-Williams' dictionary via its 4 degrees of alphabetical order, and recommend options for locating tough words." After learning those 3 classes, clients shouldn't have any extra hassle with the dictionary; in reality, it's going to develop into a true excitement to use.

The writer has generously made his ebook freely to be had and it may be downloaded from:

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M. a frog (perhaps for {a-jihva}) îL. ; a fish îL. {ajihmaga}3{a-jihma--ga} úmfn. ; úm. an arrow. {ajihmAgra}3{ajihmA7gra} úmfn. having a straight point. {ajihva}1{a-jihva} úmfn. ; úm. a frog îL. {ajIkava}1{ajIkava} ún. S3iva's bow îL. ¯ {ajakava}. {ajIgarta}1{a-jIgarta} úm. `" that has nothing to swallow "' , N. of a R2ishi , S3unah2s3epha's father. {ajIta}1{a4-jIta} úmfn. (û {jyA} , usually {jina}) , not faded , not faint îAV. îTS. , &c. {ajItapunarvaNya}3{a4-jIta--punarvaNya} ún. `" asking the restitution of an object which has in fact not been lost "' , N.

Excessive fasting îSus3r. {atilamba}3{a4ti--lamba} úmfn. very extensive. {atilubdha}3{a4ti--lubdha} orð úmfn. very greedy or covetous. {atilobha}3{ati-lobha} úmfn. very greedy or covetous. {atilulita}3{a4ti--lulita} úmfn. closely attached or adhering. {atilobha}3{a4ti--lobha} úm. orð excessive greediness or covetousness. {atilobhatA}3{a4ti--lobha-tA} úf. excessive greediness or covetousness. ] , úmfn. very hairy , too hairy. ] , úmfn. very hairy , too hairy. {atilomazA}3{a4ti--lomazA} úf. Convolvulus Argenteus.

AjAtAnuzaya}3{ajAtA7nuzaya} úmfn. having no regret. {ajAtAri}3{ajAtA7ri} úm. having no enemy , Yudhisht2hira îS3is3. {ajAnat}1{a-jAnat} úmfn. (pr. p. û {jJA}) , not knowing , unaware. ] , úm. having no wife. {ajAmi}1{a4-jAmi} úmfn. not of kin , not related îRV. ) not corresponding îNir. ; ({i}) , ún. `" (co-habitation) not allowed between relations "' , incest îRV. ] , úf. ] , ún. {ajAyamAna}1{a4-jAyamAna} úmfn. (û {jan}) , not being born , not subject to birth îVS. {ajikA}1{ajikA} úf. ¯ {ajaka}.

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