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By Alan Davies; Diane Crann;

Meant for college students of arithmetic in addition to of engineering, actual technological know-how, economics, company experiences, and desktop technology, this instruction manual includes very important details and formulation for algebra, geometry, calculus, numerical equipment, and records. entire tables of normal derivatives and integrals, including the tables of Laplace, Fourier, and Z transforms are incorporated. A spiral binding that enables the instruction manual to put flat for simple reference complements the hassle-free layout.

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Rectangular solid edges 2a and 2b, depth 2d Perpendicular to face 4ab through centroid m(a2 + b2 ) 3 4m(a2 + b2 ) 3 1. Bar length 2a Coinciding with edge 2d 4. Solid sphere radius r Diameter Tangent 5. Spherical shell radii R and r Diameter Tangent 2mr 2 5 7mr 2 5 2m(R5 − r 5 ) 3(R3 − r 3 ) m(7R5 − 5R2 r 3 − 2r 5 ) 5(R3 − r 3 ) continued. . 29 Table of moments of inertia 2 Uniform Body mass m 6. of I. Diameter Perpendicular to disc through centroid 7. Annular ring radii R and r Diameter Perpendicular to plane of ring through centroid 8.

Locate largest off-diagonal element apq , say. 2. Compute θ, where tan 2θ = 2apq /(aqq − app ), |θ| ≤ π/4. 3. Compute new elements in rows p and q a′pp = app − (tan θ)apq a′qq = aqq + (tan θ)apq ′ apq = 0 a′pj = (cos θ)apj − (sin θ)aqj a′qj = (sin θ)apj + (cos θ)aqj 4. If any off-diagonal element is non-zero, return to 1. LR method (for all the eigenvalues) Form the sequence A0 = A, Ar+1 = Ur Lr , where Ar = Lr Ur with Lr lower triangular, all diagonal elements are equal to 1 and Ur is upper triangular.

X ∂y C The line integral of F is independent of the path C joining A to B, if and only if there exists a potential function φ such that F = gradφ, or equivalently, if and only if curlF ≡ 0. 8 A dφ = φB − φA Applications of integration Arc length of a curve b 1 + (y ′ )2 dx Cartesian form: θ2 a r 2 + (dr/dθ)2 dθ Polar form: θ1 t2 x˙ 2 + y˙ 2 dt Parametric form: t1 27 Solid of revolution The surface area of the solid of revolution obtained by one complete revolution of the curve y = f (x) about the x-axis is given by b 2π 1 + (y ′ )2 dx y a The volume of the solid of revolution obtained by one complete revolution of the curve y = f (x) about the x-axis is given by b π y 2 dx a Centroid The centroid of the volume of the solid of revolution above is at (¯ x, 0) where b x ¯= b xy 2 dx y 2 dx a a The centroid of the area between the curve y = f (x), the x−axis and the lines x = a, x = b is given by b b x ¯= a b ydx , xydx y¯ = a y 2 dx b 2 a ydx a Mean value The mean value of f (x) between x = a, x = b is b 1 b−a f (x)dx a Root mean square value The RMS of the function f (x) between x = a, x = b is given by 1 b−a b 1 2 2 [f (x)] dx a Moments of area and inertia The first and second moments of a plane area A about an axis are given respectively by r 2 dA rdA and A A where r is the distance from the axis of the element dA.

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