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By William Duckworth

Across the world well known composer William Duckworth covers song basics in 14 concise major chapters supplemented by means of eleven enrichment appendices, delivering prolonged insurance if you happen to wish extra guideline.

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Accidentals In written music, the following signs, called accidentals, are used to alter the pitch of a note chromatically: When pitches are written as words, the accidentals follow the note (as when spoken); for example Cs is read C sharp. When pitches are notated on a staff, however, 19 Accidentals 20 CHAPTER 1 all accidentals are placed to the left of the pitches they affect and on the same line or space as the note. The Basics of Music When writing an accidental before a note on the staff, it is important to remember that the placement of that accidental must be exact.

Remember to always keep the pulse steady. Rhythm I: Simple Meter Divisions of the Pulse When dividing simple meters, and is used to indicate the division of the pulse. Practice the following examples until they feel comfortable. When a further subdivision is needed—that is, if you need to indicate one-quarter of the basic pulse—the syllables to use are e and a (or da). Here are some examples to practice. CLASS WORK As a class, clap and count the following rhythmic examples taken from folk songs.

In this system, musical information is stored by the composer in a code of shapes and symbols. A performer wishing to turn this written code back into sound must understand not only which musical elements are being dealt with but also how they are encoded. The key to reading and writing Western music is to realize that the written music of our culture focuses on and encodes two major musical elements: pitch, which is the basis of melody and harmony; and duration, through which the rhythm flows.

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