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By Neil Carson

Henslowe's 'diary' is a distinct resource of data concerning the day by day operating of the Elizabethan repertory theatre. Philip Henslowe, a theatrical entrepreneur, stored files of his monetary dealings with London businesses and actors from 1592-1604. The diary itself is tough to decipher. Neil Carson's research is predicated on a way more thorough correlation of Henslowe's entries than has been tried ahead of, breaking down into transparent tabular shape the most goods of source of revenue and expenditure and drawing conclusions concerning the administration tactics of the firms, the pro relationships of actors and playwrights and the ways that performs have been written, rehearsed and programmed. earlier hypothesis has brushed off Henslowe himself as ignorant, disorderly and greedy. Carson indicates him to were a benign and effective businessman whose regulate over the actors' specialist actions was once less wide than has frequently been meant.

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This is perhaps more consistent with the non-theatrical accounts which are mostly statements of expenditures rather than income. The enigmatic five-column entries may also be more easily understood as the players' income. If we assume that the first two columns represent the actors' half gallery income (which Henslowe continued to record, but in this novel form), then perhaps the second three columns represent the outer door takings (less whatever the players needed to pay current production expenses).

A week later he continued the account (f. 62v), and by 13 July 1600, the players had paid an additional £207-02-0 which they acknowledged left them just £300 in Henslowe's debt (f. 69v). ' These report income of 'xjs 6d' and 'vs' taken at 'licke vnto licke' and 'RadeRicke'. What is puzzling is that they show a return 20 THEATRICAL LANDLORD to an earlier system of daily rather than weekly receipts, presumably reflecting an agreement between Lord Pembroke's Men and the owner of the Rose similar to that struck between the Admiral's Men and Henslowe in 1594—7.

Xixs) to a system of five columns of arabic numbers (Janewary 1597 tt at Nabucadonizer 0 09 02 00 - 03). There is fairly general agreement that this change must reflect an alteration in Henslowe's relationship to the company, but no consensus as to what that change might be. Wallace (1910: 361) followed by Baldwin (1927b: 71) suggested that the first two figures represent pounds and shillings and record half the gallery income, while the last three columns (representing pounds, shillings and pence) record the outer door receipts.

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