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4000 crucial English phrases is a six-book sequence that's designed to target useful high-frequency phrases to augment the vocabulary of rookies from excessive starting to develop degrees. The sequence provides quite a few phrases that hide a wide percent of the phrases that may be present in many spoken or written texts. hence, after gaining knowledge of those objective phrases, beginners could be capable of absolutely comprehend vocabulary goods once they stumble upon them in written and spoken form.
Each unit offers 20 phrases that are outlined and utilized in pattern sentences. The actions within the books are designed to provide the phrases in numerous makes use of in order that rookies can totally see how they are often applied. additionally on the finish of every unit there's a tale whch includes the unit's aim phrases to offer newcomers extra examples of the phrases in use. every one point safely prepares the learner for the subsequent which gradually demanding situations the learner with extra refined vocabulary and tales.

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I always think about th e . fancy / hood My mother bought me a ___ 4. her dog. Imagine th e . acquainted / pirates C hristie____________ me with her city’ s library. Since then, I have read every book they have a b o u t___________ . Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. Which of the follow ing best describes an evil person? c. Fancy a. Shortly b. Curse d. Wicked 2. Which one is a feeling? a. A thrill b. A hood c. A flashlight d. An inhabitant 3. Which one can you wear? a. A cemetery b.

Ashamed [ajeimd] adj. To be ashamed is to feel upset because you did something wrong or bad. -♦ He was ashamed when he found out that I knew about his past. burst [baxst] To burst is to suddenly break open or apart. -* The bomb b urst over the city. carpenter [ka:rpantar] n. A carpenter is a person who builds things with wood. -* We hired a carpenter to make a cupboard. COal [koul] n. Coal is a hard black rock that you burn for heat. — Many pow er stations burn coal to produce energy. COUCh [kautj] n.

To push to the ground d. to feel terrible b. to move off of something d. food b. a face of a clock d. to talk about yourself b. a friend d. to move something up and away b. to try hard d. one who keeps another from getting somet b. to push to the ground d. to feel terrible b. to be hurt d. to move on the floor Exercise 2 Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. l j Carol is always talking about how good she is to other people. 2. lerry is a person who enjoys being mean to classmates.

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